Washington Chooses Yemen as Theater for Combat Pilots’ Training

The United States of America chose Yemen as a location for training its combat aircraft, in partnership with Saudi Arabia, in carrying out a direct military operation with the aim of what it called “deterring regional aggressors”.

“dvidshub” website of US forces released pictures of US planes and American officers and pilots at King Fahd Air Base in Taif while equipping aircraft with missiles، in order to carry out a joint air operation.

According to the site, “the exercises not only allowed both countries to conduct valuable training in the air, but also allowed United States to exercise its combat recruitment capabilities, through the use of multi-capability pilots, pre-existing equipment and air transport operations to quickly park, and recruitment of forces at King Fahd Air Base.

The site indicated that American F-16 Fighting Falcons and the Saudi F-15 Strike Eagles flew alongside. The units used their time to improve procedures and forge greater interoperability between the two countries.

These exercises coincided with intense bombing operations in Yemen targeting a number of cities, including the capital, Sanaa. It was observed that new types of weapons were used, which makes it likely that Washington will take Yemen as a theater for this operation.

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