Saudi-UN Disputes Over Sana’a Airport

The Saudi-led coalition preempted UN moves on Saturday, to resume the opening of Sana’a International Airport, by marketing pretexts to use the airport for military purposes, in an indication to his efforts to thwart any attempt to operate the airport, in light of his insistence on diverting the destination of flights towards Saudi airport.

Exclusive-alkhabar alyemeni:

The coalition spokesperson said in a statement that he will hold a press conference tomorrow regarding Sana’a airport, claiming that it still poses a threat to his country.

Al-Maliki’s announcement came on the eve of UN stressing the need to open the international airport in Sana’a to all humanitarian and civil flights.

The Deputy Humanitarian Coordinator in Yemen confirmed during a meeting with officials in Sana’a, including the Minister of Transport, that there were no military manifestations at the airport, pledging to work to facilitate the entry of the necessary equipment and technical supplies held in Djibouti by the coalition to re-operate the airport, which was severely damaged as a result of the coalition’s recent raids.

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