UN Aborts Withdrawal of “Joint” in West Coast

The announcement by United Nations on Sunday, appointing a new commander for its mission in the western coast of Yemen, sparked angry reactions among the factions loyal to the coalition, those who earlier carried out a unilateral withdrawal in an attempt to achieve political gains after their military failure.

Exclusive-Alkhabar Alyemeni:

Wadah al-Dubaish, a spokesperson for the pro-Emirati factions, described the decision of United Nations Secretary-General to appoint the retired Irish general Michael Perry, head of UN Mission to Support Hodeida agreement, chairperson of Redeployment Coordination Committee, as a sudden and attacked the United Nations for this step.

These factions had announced a few weeks ago a withdrawal from the districts of southern Hodeida outside the area that included in the Sweden agreement, as part of attempts to open new fronts after they were depleted on the outskirts of the city of Hodeida, In addition to its attempt to pressure a similar withdrawal from Sanaa forces.

The reappointment of a new commander for UN mission indicates the failure of these factions to pass their agenda in light of their continued escalation in other areas of the western coast.

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