Russian Initiative for Solution in Yemen, Includes “Houthis” Recognition

An American newspaper revealed on Saturday that Russia has started moves in the Yemeni file, through which it aims to end the war led by Saudi Arabia for seven years.

Exclusive-Alkhabar alyemeni:

Newsweek magazine reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin appointed Vitaly Nyumkin, who is close to Putin. And who holds several government positions, most notably the head of Oriental Studies Institute at the Russian Academy of Sciences, initiating consultations with former senior scientists and journalists in the Middle East, to launch an initiative, or what the newspaper described as “a multilateral security structure in the Gulf,” noting that Neumkin started closed meetings in Russia to formulate the new initiative.

The “Times of Israel” website had published a report on the Russian movement and rapprochement with the United States in this regard,

 He revealed that the Russian initiative converged with the Biden administration includes recognition of “Houthis” who are close to defeating Saudi Arabia in Marib, It aims to prevent the tear of Yemen between north and south, it is shared by Saudi Arabia and UAE at some point after the fall of Marib city.

The report pointed out that the Russian initiative is based on regional competitors such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and Iran to reduce tensions and control their differences, emphasizing that the United States and Russia are competing in Europe and Ukraine do not aspire to expand tension in the Middle East, and they are not ready for the situation to get out of control in that strategic area.

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