Al-Houthi Calls for Taking Care of Martyrs’ Families

The Leader of Anssarallah movement, Sayyed Abdulmalik Al-Houthi, on Saturday called on for taking care of the families of the martyrs at the popular and official level.

During his speech this afternoon on the occasion of the annual anniversary of martyr, Sayyed Abdulmalik stressed the importance of commemorating the activities of this anniversary and the continual support for the fronts.

“What is offered to the families of the martyrs, officially and popularly, is not a price for their giving, as the only price of their giving is Allah’s pleasure and heaven,” Sayyed Abdulmalik said.

The Leader of Anssarallah added: “Our emerging generation today is a generation that loves martyrdom, and therefore it is a free generation that is resistant to enslavement and is resistant to humiliation and surrender.”

He pointed out that the value of martyrdom lies in that it enhances the state of patience and steadfastness, regardless of challenges.

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