Storming Points to Hadramaut Tribes in “Petro Masila

Hadi forces stormed on Friday, the points of Hadramaut tribes, in the vicinity of the most important oil companies, in a move that may raise the escalating tension since the start of the so-called “second Hadhrami support” implemented by tribes and led by STC.

Exclusive-alkhabar alyemeni:

Tribal sources in Wadi Hadhramaut reported that units of Oil Companies Protection force, led by Amr bin Habrish, the first agent of Hadhramaut province, and supervised by Ali Mohsen, stormed the tribal point in Rasb area of Sah district, close to the headquarters of Petro Masila facility for production and marketing Hadhrami oil for Hadi.

These forces launched a campaign of arrests among the tribal militants that stationed at the point, while it expelled others from new sites in its vicinity.

Tribal militants were at the point that was created today as part of the escalating steps of the so-called “People’s Committees in Hadramaut.” They have managed to stop 40 oil locomotives during the past hours which provoked the anger of Ali Mohsen.

The point was raised under the directives of Faraj Al-Bahsani, Governor of Hadi, this indicates that there is a consensus between Hadi’s local forces and his higher authorities to start a large-scale military operation to raise the tribal points that they have been setting up at Hadramaut ports seven days ago, during which they succeeded in preventing the smuggling of fish and oil resources.

Over the past few days, “legitimacy” authorities tried to push local mediation and presented tempting offers to members of popular committees, most notably those led by Amr bin Habrish, head of Hadhramaut Tribal Alliance and Hadhramaut All-Inclusive Conference, and another led by Abdullah Bugshan, a Saudi businessman from Hadramaut origin.

STC which is pushing hard to escalate “tribal uprising”, is trying to press for gains, the most prominent of these is the integration of Hadi forces into one military area and how can he control it, and to prevent projects looming to separate the oil plateau from the coast of Hadramaut.

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