Tariq Saleh Rejects Hadi’s New Offer

Tariq Saleh, the leader of the pro-UAE factions on the western coast of Yemen, rejected on Sunday, Hadi’s new offer.

Exclusive- Alkhabar alyemeni:

Diplomatic sources reported that Tariq, who is still in seclusion in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, refused a mediation sent by Hadi to convince him to take the position of Defense Minister in the government of Maeen instead of Muhammad al-Maqdashi, the minister affiliated with deputy, Ali Mohsen, noting that Tariq told the delegation that he was not looking for positions, indicating his rejection to the offer.

Tariq had made a repositioning operation on the West Coast weeks ago, evacuated hundreds of kilometers south of Hodeidah city. He has arrived in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, in conjunction with Saudi pressure on Hadi to hold a meeting, and issued a decision to appoint Tariq as his advisor of defense and security affairs, this provoked Hadi’s fearing that Tariq’s appointment would be a prelude to withdraw his rug.

Hadi’s offer came weeks after he handed over a memorandum to the Saudi crown prince through the Saudi ambassador to Yemen regarding the files of dispute between the two parties.

Hadi seeks by handing over the defense to Tariq to keep him under his administration, fearing that the new position as an advisor would give him the right to conclude deals with regional parties such as Saudi Arabia behind Hadi and overthrow him.

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