Al-Qaeda Admits Defeat in Marib

Al-Qaeda admitted on Saturday that it had suffered a great loss in the city of Marib the last strongholds of the factions loyal to the Saudi-led coalition in northern Yemen, after “Houthis” succeeded in storming the most prominent camps of the organization south of the city.

Exclusive-Alkhabar Alyemeni:

In a statement circulated by its activists on social media, the organization announced the killing of the prominent leader Hamza Muhammad Ali Abu Rawiya, Abu Rawiya was killed on the southern front of the city, according to the statement; he is one of several leaders in the organization who killed during her participation in the ranks of the coalition.

The killing of Abu Rawiya coincided with tribal assertions on Sana’a forces controlling the most prominent camps of the organization, led by Khaled Al-Aradah, the brother of the governor, Sultan al-Aradah, who is wanted by the United States in terrorist cases.

The fate of Aradah is still ambiguous, amid conflicting reports about his death and capture.

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