Houthis Destroy Numerous World Maps with “Israel” Written on it

Sana’a Customs Office on Saturday destroyed a quantity of small globe-shaped balls with a world map on which “Israel” is written, Sana’a-based Saba News Agency said.

The destroyed quantity also included many women’s shoes with the brand and country of origin written in Hebrew.

Director General of Sana’a Customs Office, Khaled Al-Sorori, indicated that the destroyed quantity was seized in mid-October at the Afar Center in Radaa city, coming from the container port in Aden city.

He noted that Israel, no matter how much tried to deceive world in naming itself as a country on the world map, is an exposed and scandalous attempt, stressing that Israel is a usurping and occupying entity of the Palestinian territories with American complicity.

Al-Sorori praised the efforts made by customs officials and their vigilance in controlling such items and preventing their circulation.

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