A Saudi Alarm in Asir, Najran Reveals Approach of “Houthis” Forces

Saudi Arabia raised on Wednesday, the state of military alert in the border areas with Yemen, what reveals fears of an incursion by “Houthis”, In light of the reports that Sana’a forces have started a large operation there, in parallel with intensification of air attacks in the depth.

Exclusive-Alkhabar- Alkhabar Alyemeni:

In Najran, the deputy of the sector Amir, Turki bin Hathloul, held a meeting with the military leaders and demanded them to raise combat readiness and coordination to confront what he described as “the coming danger.”

This comes at a time when media reports spoke on coalition is launching air raids on the city of Al-Rabu’a in Asir. This indicates the mounting of Saudi concern over the continued incursion of Sana’a forces on the border fronts.

These field developments also coincide with the continuation of Sana’a forces’ air attacks in the Saudi depth, where the coalition spoke in a statement that the Kingdom being attacked with two drones, the second in less than 24 hours. Amid constant threats from Sana’a, the latest of which was made by a member of the negotiation delegation, Abdul Malik Al-Ajri, who vowed to respond to what he described as “crimes of aggression.” In reference to the victims who fell during the past few days in raids on Taiz, Sa’adah and Sana’a.

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