At least 16 Injured in Coalition Airstrikes on Capital Sana’a, 19 Killed in Saada

At least 16 ones were injured, including on Sunday due to coalition warplanes air strikes on a populated neighborhood in the capital Sana’a, a security source said.

The source confirmed that coalition aircrafts waged a raid on Hangar foodstuff in a neighborhood of Maaien district, leaving 16 wounds and causing damage to citizens homes.

Coalition fighter jets launched three strikes at Al-Nahdha neighborhood and another one hit Mathbah neighborhood.

on Saturday, Saudi-led coalition fighter jets launched 19 air strikes on several areas in various Yemeni provinces, security sources said.

The sources affirmed that coalition warplanes waged six raids at Sirwah district and five ones at Jouba district in Marib province.

The sources pointed out that the aircrafts attacked Khub Washaaf district of Jawf province two times, while one raid hit al-Jer area of Abbss district in Hajjah province and another air strike targeted Layah area of Dhahir district in Saada province.

Coalition fighter jets targeted the Yemeni capital with four raids, two of them hit Sanaa airport and two others attacked the military college.

The Saudi forces continued their violations of Hodeidah truce and killed 19 citizens in Taiz and Sa’ada provinces during the past 24 hours Saturday.

A military official confirmed that two children were injured by the explosion of ammunition left by the Saudi-backed forces in Al-Mateena village in Al-Tuhaita district.

In Taiz province, the coalition’s warplanes launched a raid on Al-Hakima village in Maqbana district on Friday evening, which led to killing 18 citizens and wounding 8 others, the official stated.

Moreover, a citizen was killed and five others, including two African migrants, were injured by the Saudi army’s fire on Al-Raqwa area in Munabeh border district of Sa’ada province, the official said, adding that the warplanes launched a raid on Al-Dhaher district.

The warplanes also launched eight raids on al-Jouba district and two raids on Serwah district in Marib province.

The fighters launched two raids on Al-Quran area in Sanhan district in Sana’a province, and a raid on Majaza al-Sharqiya in Asir region.

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