Mohsen’s Visit to Qatar Casts Shadow on Fighting Fronts in Yemen

The fighting fronts in Yemen witnessed on Tuesday, dramatic developments that predicted a Qatari intervention on the line of rapprochement between Islah and “Houthis”, as part of its efforts to contain the new Emirati escalation in Yemen.

Exclusive-Alkhabar Alyemeni:

In Marib province, the hottest front Islah media reported on a calm during the past hours on the axis of the city south, despite the talk of the military and political leaders in Sana’a about the approaching resolution of the city’s file

This transformation in Marib, which has been witnessing violent battles for months, was accompanied by a rapprochement between Islah, the de-facto authority in  Marib city, and “Houthis” on more than one front, most notably Hajjah, whereas, the media affiliated with Tariq Saleh reported that the two sides signed an agreement in Abs and Haradh, to freeze the battles, all the way to Al-Baydah, where the most prominent forearms of Ali Mohsen arrived at the head of a tribal delegations to Sana’a, all of these are indications that Qatar, which enjoys good relations with the two parties, is trying to conclude an agreement between them that may include peaceful handover of Marib city to Sana’a, in exchange, the two sides devote themselves to confronting the Emirati escalation on the western coast front, where Tariq is pushing to invade Islah strongholds in Taiz and Shabwah in particular.

The Emirates is running the throes of overthrowing Islah authority there, especially ‘if these developments are coupled with the recent political and media movement, most notably Ali Mohsen’s visit to Qatar, Sana’a threatened to launch new strikes on Emirates, not to mention the moves on the ground, most notably, Islah established a new military axis to “liberate” the coast of Taiz, under the control of Tariq, as well as the moves in Bayhan and Ataq to thwart the attempts to overthrow the governor.

So far, it is not clear whether the recent changes in the scene are the result of a political movement or just a coincidence, although its timing indicates that everyone, whether inside or outside “legitimacy”, is currently throwing all their weight to confront Emirati escalation that has emerged in the coast and Shabwah, as Abu Dhabi seeks to secure the most prominent shipping lanes in Bab al-Mandab in its favors, and to acquire Shabwah’s oil and gas capabilities. All of them are the subject of disputes between the warring parties in the Gulf war on Yemen, which could spark a crisis between those parties.

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