Ten Students Injured in Dhalea, Coalition Bombs Sana’a Airport

The Saudi-led coalition warplanes launched on Sunday night three airstrikes on the capital Sana’a, a security official said.

The official explained that the airstrikes hit Sana’a international airport.

The source denounced the coalition’s continual targeting of the residential area and  civilian facilities  across the country, amid continued and shameful international silence.

In al-Dhalea province, Dozens of students and citizens were injured on Sundy due to Saudi-led coalition air strikes targeted a school and a fuel station in the province, local sources said.

Ten students were wounded as a result of air raids for coalition drones targeted Zaid Al-Sharji school in Al-Fakher area, while a number of civilians were injured due to one strike hit Al-Sharji station in the same area, the sources affirmed.

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