Hadi’s Officials: Military Option Failed and Over

Ahmed bin Daghr, head of the so-called “Shura Council”, and Abdulaziz Jubari, deputy speaker of the so-called “Parliament”, affiliated with the exiled Hadi, have acknowledged the failure of the war on Yemen.

According to YPA, Bin Daghr and Jubari said, in a joint statement issued Tuesday, that “the military option has ended in a dead end, and is almost declaring itself a failure.”

They warned of the scheme to divide Yemen into countries and societies, alluding shyly to the responsibility of the Saudi-led coalition for the state of affairs.

In the statement, they talked about the end of legitimacy by referring to its paralysis and the end of its role, accusing the Hadi’s government media of lying and not telling the truth of what is happening, and that the institutions affiliated with legitimacy are puppet and have not any role.

Bin Daghr and Jubari also referred to the collapse of the currency, the security chaos, rampant corruption, and suspended salaries, describing the situation as catastrophic.

They considered the silence on the current situation as a participation in the disaster.

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