Confrontations Escalation, Coalition Open New Front in Ibb Province

The Saudi-led coalition has stepped up their military operations in the war they are waging against Sana’a forces by re-igniting the armed confrontations on the fronts in the northwest of Dhalea provinces, southern Yemen.

Local sources in Dhalea told Yemen Press Agency that the Sana’a forces fought fierce battles against the coalition forces at dawn on Tuesday, during which they repelled a wide attempt of the latter to advance towards ‘Al-Fakher’ area on ‘Qa’taba’ fronts.

After fierce battles, which left dozens of dead and wounded on both sides, the Sana’a forces advanced towards the positions of the coalition forces in “Betar Al-Job” area, the sources added.

This new military escalation by the coalition forces in Qa’taba front comes within its new plan to advance towards Ibb province from the eastern direction, in conjunction with a similar operation from the western direction through the western coast mountains adjourning ‘Jabal Ras’ area and ‘Al-Odien’ junction.

In the West Coast, the ​​military confrontations between the Salvation Government forces and the armed factions of the Saudi-led coalition forces expanded Tuesday on many fronts.

Local sources in Hodeida province said that Sana’a forces repelled three large-scale advances of the coalition forces at Hays-Alodein junction, and an attempt to advance towards the outskirts of Al-Jarrahi district, south of the province, which has witnessed a fragile ceasefire agreement under the auspices of the United Nations since December 18, 2018.

Sana’a forces also repelled a third attempt by the coalition forces to advance towards Jabal Ras area, the sources added.

According to the sources, the coalition forces incurred heavy losses in life and equipment during confrontations of the past two, as more than 300 of their soldiers were killed and 10 military vehicles were destroyed.

Fierce confrontations continue for the third consecutive day between the Sanaa forces and the coalition forces backed by warplanes on the outskirts of Hays district.

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