Sana’a Reveals Presence of British Officers in Coalition’s Camp in Marib

An official in the National Salvation government in Sana’a on Wednesday revealed the presence of foreign officers in one of the most important and largest coalition and legal camps in Marib province.

Dhamar governor, Mohammed al-Bukhiti, said in an interview with Al-Mayadeen TV, that there are foreign officers from several countries in the coalition operations room at Tedawin camp, east of Marib, including British officers.

The Saudi-led coalition forces use the camp as a headquarters to manage their operations after losing most of the strategic camps in Marib.

Al-Bukhiti said Sanaa’s forces are determined to take full control of the oil province.

He noted that the Marib tribes, led by Murad tribes, are fighting alongside Sanaa forces, against Hadi and Islah forces.

Sana’a is close to resolving the Battle of Marib, after the arrival of its first troops in the southern and western city’s outlets.

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