Obaida Tribes Announce Neutralization of Last Districts of Marib

Obaidah tribes in Marib announced, on Saturday, their commitment to neutrality in the battle between Sana’a and Islah forces, and to spare their country the war, in reference to its coup against Islah authority and handing it over to Sana’a.

The statement came in conjunction with the advance of Sana’a forces towards the city and reached its entrance from the southern side and surrounded it from three axes.

In a statement, Obaidah tribes confirmed that they “will not allow any of parties of the military conflict to turn their country, homes and farms into a battlefield of war.” as it happened in the countries of the other Marib tribes.” In a sign that it will not confront the forces of Sana’a and will remain neutral.

They said that any party seeks to drag Al-Wadi District into war is an enemy and an opponent, stressing their refusal to establish any military concentrations and fortifications in their district. Referring to “a coup against Islah, who is moving to establish military sites.” In Al-Wadi directorate, in preparation for confronting Sana’a forces, advancing towards the city and Al-Wadi.”

Obaidah tribes pointed out that the fall of Alablaq Mountains and the city center meant the end of the battle. And they will loyal to whoever controls the city center, in a direct warning to Islah forces against trying to plunge Al-Wadi directorate into the heat of battle after the fall of Marib city.

The statement of Al-Abdiyah tribes came after the tribes and dignitaries of Al-Abdiya directorate visited Sana’a and met with the leader of Anssarallah, Abdul-Malik al-Houthi. Obaidah tribes sent messages to the rest of Marib tribes in the remaining areas under the control of Hadi government and the coalition to leave their arms and join to the side of Sana’a.

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