Reconciliation Committee Chief Reveals Developments on Handing over Marib

Head of Sana’a-based Comprehensive National Reconciliation and Political Solution Committee, Youssef Al-Feishi revealed Wednesday the latest developments regarding efforts to hand over Marib city by the Saudi-led coalition forces without fight.

“We had called on the militias in the city of Marib to respond to the initiative of Sayyed Abdulmalik Badr Al-Din Al-Houthi to avoid blooding, repeated calls, but they insisted and were arrogant,” Al-Feishi said in a tweet on his account on Twitter.

He explained by saying, “Allah might accomplish a destined matter already, by hands of the army and the popular committees.”

In last October, Al-Feishi had called the Islah Party leaders, in the city of Marib, to choose peace, spare blood, hand over heavy and medium weapons, return the looted money to the bank, and return to their homes safely, instead of committing suicide at the city’s gates.

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