Furious Protests Storm Several Headquarters in Mukalla

Angry protests escalated Sunday evening in the southern city of Mukalla, Hadramut, amid fears of violence and changing course of the protests.

Protesters blocked roads and burned tires heavily on several streets of the city, amid security deployments and fears of clashes between protesters and Hadi security personnel.

Earlier in the day, dozens of citizens in Mukalla city staged a massive protest to reject the difficult economic situation in the province, south of Yemen.

According to sources, the protests came in rejection of the rise in exchange rates, which resulted in a significant deterioration of living.

Another group of protesters cut off the main streets, disrupting traffic.

The photos show the protests taking an escalatory curve on Sunday evening, expanding their area on many streets of the city, protesters burning tires heavily and cutting off roads with stones and contraband, as well as storming a number of government headquarters.

The southern Yemeni provinces are witnessing a state of widespread discontent among citizens as a result of the lack of services and the economic deterioration.

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