Senior Saudi Military Commander Killed in Najran

A high-ranking Saudi military commander was killed along with a number of Saudi officers and soldiers during an attack launched by Yemeni army forces on the Najran front, Yemen News Portal reported, based on Saudi media.

Saudi media reported that the commander of the 1501st Force in the Joint Forces of the al-Khadra land crossing, Brigadier general Suleiman al-Hawiti, (Abu Faisal), was killed.

There are not more details on the circumstances of his death, but confirming his death during the confrontations on the border fronts with Yemeni army forces.

A number of other Saudi soldiers and officers were also killed in the southern border of the Kingdom: Lieutenant Bender Khalil Al-Sha’eri, Sergeant Ali Saad Al-Aadhwi, Private Moa’ath Yusuf Yahya Kriri, Private Ahmed Jaber and Lieutenant Issa Mohammed Issa al-Batha.

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