Hadramout: UAE Founds First Camp for “Hadrami Elite” Forces

The UAE has begun establishing the first combat camp for the so-called “Hadrami Elite” forces in Hadramout province, media sources reported on Wednesday.

The sources pointed out that the UAE, which supports and finances military formations, set up the camp in ‘Wadi Amad’ area, days after these forces took control of this place.

“The new camp is led by Brigadier General Fayez Mansour Al-Tamimi, commander of the Coastal Defense Brigade, with the support of the UAE,” the sources added.

This comes, days after the UAE sent military reinforcements from the militias loyal to it to Hadramout in an effort to blow up the situation militarily in a number of southern provinces.

Commander of the forces loyal to the UAE, Haitham Qassem, arrived on a military plane from Abu Dhabi at Ba Rashid Brigade camp of the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council militias in Mukalla city, in addition to the arrival of two battalions of forces loyal to him in the west coast to the city, according to local sources.

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