Abdulsalam: Sana’a Operation will Expand, Grow and Escalate

The head of Sana’a government negotiating delegation, Mohammed Abdulsalam, on Sunday welcomed the 7th Deterrence Balance Operation carried out by the Yemeni armed forces, which targeted the Saudi depth.

“Our legitimate operations come in compliance with the defensive position of the besieged and abused Yemeni people, and it will, God willing, expand, grow and escalate,” Abdulsalam said in a tweet on Sunday.

He continued, “Just as they insist on continuing their “aggression” and siege, our Yemeni people continue to defend themselves.”

Earlier in the day, the Yemeni army spokesman Brigadier General Yahay Sarie announced the implementation of the 7th deterrence balance operation.

The operation, implemented by eight Sammad 3 drones and a Zulfiqar ballistic missile, targeted vial installations and military bases belonging to the Saudi army, within the context of confronting the Saudi-led coalition’s crimes against the Yemeni People.

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