Sana’a Provides an Alliance, Resentment in Murad Tribes from “legitimacy”

A state of anger prevailed among the militants of Murad tribes, one of Marib tribes, after Hadi’s forces refused to support them at a time when it lost its most prominent leaders during the battles of the past two days at the western entrance of Marib.

Exclusive-Alkhabar Alyemeni:

Hamzah Al-Muradi, one of the most prominent activists of Marib loyal to coalition, considered Islah and Mohsen refusal to support the tribe, is in response to its refusal to participate in what he described as “Khaybar Battle in the south.” In reference to the preparations for the attack on Aden, in addition to her refusal to obey as he described the “Guide” in reference to the head of Islah branch in the province.

Murad had lost more than 30 dead and dozens injured during the past hours most of them are leaders and sheikhs of the first class, this indicates to the existence of a plan to drain the tribe, which some of its leaders are in the GPC conference.

The tribe most prominent loss was head of the GPC Conference Branch in the Directorate of Rahbah and others.

On the other hand, Sana’a sent a new invitation to Murad tribes, asking them to stand together against what Hussein Al-Ezzi, Deputy Foreign Minister in the rescue Government, described as a “common enemy.” Noting in a tweet on his social sites that “the traitors and the corrupt”, in reference to the “legitimacy”, that they do not equate a finger from the tribe’s fighters foots, which he described as “honorable.”

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