British Seeks to Establish Military Base for Israel in Mahra

Security sources have revealed on Wednesday news about arrangements for establishing a military base for Israel in Mahra province, with British-Emirati support and cover, Yemen News Portal (YNP) reported.

YNP said that this move reflects the efforts of foreign powers to militarize the eastern regions of Yemen, in order to drain its wealth and strengthen control of maritime navigation.

According to the sources, a group of military experts and engineers in the “Zionist entity” secretly arrived in Mahra, to designate a suitable place in the province in order to establish a military base for the occupation state.

The sources explained that the British-Emirati alliance seeks to provide the base with surveillance stations and communications devices for intelligence work.

They stressed that Israeli moves in Mahra were taking place under the cover of British forces in the province.

A few days ago, the head of the Mahra sit-in protest committee, Sheikh Ali Salem al-Harizi, has confirmed the presence of Israeli military officers in the province.

According to al-Harizi, the foreign forces are seeking to strengthen their military presence on the country’s eastern coasts, after appearing directly on the west coast, and establishing bases on the strategic island of Mayyun and another in Socotra.

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