Assault of Al-Anad Attack. Two Local Parties, the Third Is Regional Orchestrated

The attack on Al-Anad base, the most fortified in southern Yemen, widened on Sunday the differences gap between the parties inside and outside the “legitimacy”, prompting the parties to exchange accusations as speculation escalated about who was behind the attack, is it the Emirates or Islah, the transitional or Tariq?

Exclusive-Alkhabar Alyemeni:

Regardless of “Houthi” hanger that the so-called legitimate parties used to hang and justify its horrific liquidation on it, there are details about the last operation that has so far claimed more than 100 dead and wounded confirm that an internal party and a regional party are closely related to the attack in one way or another, so who is it?

The target inside the base, the 3rd giants Brigade, it had prepared a parade of its forces that had just finished training by the Sudanese forces, after it was decided to transfer the brigade to Al-Anad, in preparation for its redeployment in the south, the brigade was on a date to celebrate on the graduation today.

Until recently, this brigade led by Abd al-Rahman al-Lahji, who takes the city of Mocha as his permanent headquarter, the most prominent opponents to the “joint forces” led by Tariq Saleh. where Tariq Saleh tried in every way to bring him to his knees the last of which was that he pushed Abu Zara’a al-Mahrami his deputy, to storm the rear of the brigade in Mocha by force and that forced him to move to Al-Anad, so, did Tariq have a hand in that?

For southern activists who follow similar events, Tariq has become the archenemy, especially since the operation that targeted al-Jala’a camp in August 2019 and resulted in a similar death in al-Anad, where Abu al-Yamamah al-Yafei, who was before his death in a collision with Tariq after severe verbal abuse.

Senior Saudi political theorists are also marketing this story. The writer Suleiman Al-Aqili tried to take the events in this direction, thus, he is trying to set UAE up the responsibility, which is engaged in a struggle against his country, the latest is what is happening in Shabwah province. As STC activists threatened to target Saudi bases, indicating Ataq Airport as one of it, and this was in response to the siege of Balhaf facility by pro-Saudi factions, which UAE forces use it as a base.

There is a scenario that opponents of Islah are trying to market it, by indirectly pointing to Islah that he  stand behind it, based on the events that accompanied the attack, including targeting ambulance teams, as the spokesman of STC forces, Muhammad al-Naqib, says. Thus indicates the involvement of Islah factions that deployed units and heavy weapons in Al-Sabihah Mountains overlooking Al-Anad. As for Islah, its activists rushed from the first moment of the attack by portraying it as being from Taiz, with missiles they did not name it, while trying to hint at “Houthis,” and they are trying to distract minds away from the real mastermind.

Islah’s interest in the operation may seem insignificant, given that the brigade was hostile to its opponents under the leadership of Tariq, but the attack comes in light of changes taking place in the southern governorates.The giants are currently its most prominent features, especially after its withdrawal from the coastal districts of Lahij, what allowed STC to re-position in those areas, which Islah eager to control it as part of a strategy to tighten its grip on Bab al-Mandab Strait, the most important is the news that the UAE was recently able to persuade the Third Brigade to move to Lahij as part of a plan to invade Abyan, especially the strongholds of Islah, which may indicate that the strike was preemptive.

These scenarios did not get the transitional itself out from the circle of accusations, the southern movement in Lahij was quick to hint at his involvement in the operation, through a statement by the head of the movement there, Abdel Salam Saleh, he carried what he described as a “parity government,” in reference to the STC’s participation in the responsibility for what happened, especially after the war launched by the transitional factions in Aden against the fighters of the giants stationed in the district of DarSaad and Al-Anad.

Which has escalated in the past few days, with those parties beginning attempts to revive the Riyadh Agreement, through which each party is now seeking to improve its field papers before presenting a map of a comprehensive agreement for a solution in Yemen, whose features have begun to leak out of international diplomatic cellars.

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