Aden: Senior Officer Announces Hunger Strike

A senior officer loyal to the Saudi-led coalition in the city of Aden announced on Monday his hunger strike until payment all his dues and financial rights, YPA reported.

Pro-coalition media outlets reported Mohammed Maateb announced his hunger strike, on Sunday, during a protest rally held in front of the Central Bank in Aden.

On Sunday, dozens of coalition’s armed men organized a protest demonstration in front of the Bank of Aden, denouncing the non-disbursement of their financial dues that have suspended for eight months.

Earlier, a director of the Finance Department in the Ministry of Defense of the Saudi-backed exiled Hadi government”, Abdullah Abd Rabbo, had left during the past hours the city of Aden towards the Saudi capital, Riyadh, to discuss the developments in the salaries of the coalition militants as a result of the military protests in Aden.

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