Hadi Gov’t Colludes with Saudi Steps Targeting Yemeni Expatriates: Reuters

Saudi Arabia expanded on Thursday its war on Yemeni expatriates, while taking new steps to crack down on them at a time when international reports revealed the complicity of Hadi government with the deportations targeting 800,000 expatriates.

Exclusive-Alkhabar Alyemeni:

Sources at Al-Wadiah border port reported that Saudi Arabia directed to close the only land port with Yemen without specifying a date for reopening it, noting that more than a thousand cars and buses were seen outside the port, at a time when travelers with their families had to sleep in the open two days ago.

The Saudi authorities did not provide any reason for this decision, which repeats Eid al-Adha scenario when the expatriates were detained for more than a month under the pretext of going out with four-wheel drive vehicles.

The sources confirmed the completion of all expatriates who want to return to their work inside the Kingdom, for all the required conditions, including Corona vaccine, this means that the new decision is closely related to the recent decisions to deport Yemenis, which Saudi Arabia started from Jizan, Najran and Asir, and targeted hundreds in the health and academic sectors, according to what was reported by the International News Agency, Reuters.

The agency indicated in its reports that the expected outcome of the deportees will be large, especially as it targets the regions of the Kingdom, hinting at Hadi government’s involvement in the operation after refusing to comment, although the agency transferred on the owners of Saudi institutions affected by the operation and describing that the Saudi move as unjustified and there is no reason to expel Yemeni workers.

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