Death Toll from Brutal Torture Against Prisoners in Coalition Prions Rises to Three

The death toll from massacre of tortures perpetrated by the Islah troops against prisoners and abductees in prisons run by the Saudi-led coalition in Marib city, rose to three.

According to familiar with the matter, one of prisoners died from the wounds he sustained as a result of shooting live bullets by Islah forces at prisoners protesting against ill-treatment in the military police prison of the coalition in the city.

Five other prisoners also have been injured after being tortured in Marib prisons that run by Islah Party.

“Naji Munaif”، commander of the military police of the coalition forces in Marib, issued his instructions last Sunday, to use live bullets on prisoners protesting against the brutal torture they are subjected to and cutting medicine for many patients who were kidnapped.

Last Sunday, two prisoners died and 6 others were wounded as a result brutal torture that practiced by Islah troops into jails.

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