Sana’a Seized 1,627 Crimes Within a Month

The security services of Sana’a seized last July, “1,627 different crimes in the capital and the provinces,” including the arrest of elements affiliated with the coalition war on Yemen.

According to the security media of Sana’a, Brigadier General Al-Ajri explained, “as a result of the investigation and evidence-gathering procedures, the circumstances and ambiguities of 44 crimes committed in previous periods and whose perpetrator was unknown have been revealed, and the perpetrators have been arrested.” While “18 crimes were thwarted before they occurred” during the past month.

Regarding thwarting the plans of coalition, Sana’a Interior spokesperson said, “the criminal investigation seized during July 173 elements belong to US-Saudi aggression,” and stated that they were able to “seize 199 different theft crimes, and managed to recover 8 cars and 18 stolen motorcycles.”

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