Begins Imposing Its Procedures in Aden, Coalition Reinforces Al-Qaida with Second Camp in Lahij

The coalition expanded on Wednesday, the map of al-Qaeda spread in southern Yemen, with the creation of a second camp for the organization’s members in Lahij, at a time when local sources revealed that the organization had begun imposing new measures on women in the city of Aden, what indicates the existence of a scheme to resettle its elements fleeing from Al-Baidha.

Exclusive-Alkhabar Alyemeni:

A prelude to a new reality that has begun to take shape on earth, in parallel with an international and regional movement to push for a comprehensive solution in this country that has been under war and siege for seven years.

Saif Al-Hadiri, editor-in-chief of Ali Mohsen’s Akhbar Al-Youm newspaper, said in a tweet on his official page on social networking sites that the commander of the Emirati forces in Aden, Abu Rashid Al-Gulfi, met earlier with al-Qaeda elements in Lahij led by Khaled Abdel Nabi, the leader of the organization’s branch in Yafa, he hinted that the Emirati move is part of an arrangement to escalate the “legitimacy” in this province, which the Emirates failed to control through the transitional due to party and tribal alliances against UAE, and is currently witnessing an escalation at the level of demonstrations against Hadi’s authorities in more than one region.

The latest Emirati move was not new, given to the relations that bind Abu Dhabi with the organization, it extends to the first beginnings of the war on Yemen in March of the year 2015, and the subsequent agreements between the organization and UAE that allowed Abu Dhabi fighters to spread in the most important and most dangerous strongholds of the organization inside the oil crescent of Yemen, specifically in Shabwah and Hadhramaut, in parallel with Saudi moves to reorganize the organization’s elements in a camp in Abyan, Lawdar district, this indicates that these parties calling for an exit from Yemen are preparing for a post-political solution scenario in order to shuffle the cards to maintain a long-term presence in these strategic areas rich in oil and gas.

According to what was reported by Al Youm Althamen newspaper belong to STC, and all of them come at a time when the regional and international war parties are pushing for a peace agreement, in this context, an activist and journalist in Aden, Ahed Yassin, revealed that she had received threats from the organization’s elements in the city, after a lock of her hair appeared outside the veil.

The threat refers to the reorganization that was hide from the scene through mingling with “legitimacy” institutions; he resumed his activity under the spotlight.

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