Al-Houthi to Saudi Coalition “Your Inevitable outcome Are Regret and Loss”

The leader of Anssarallah movement, Sayyed Abdulmalik al-Houthi, in his speech Thursday, on the occasion of Ashura, advised the Saudi and Emirati regimes and those who follow their example to desist from targeting our nation.

Their bets, hopes and misconceptions that they have been in a position of power is a loser, and the inevitable result that God confirmed and the reality testifies is that their inevitable outcome is regret and loss.

Sayyed Al-Houthi explained that our nation today, in its movement, in the revival of its free people, and in embracing its people, is in an advanced position, witnessing the current changes on all fronts, starting with Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria and Yemen. He explained that the US defeat in Afghanistan confirms its weakness and inability to directly occupy countries. It can only rely on proxy wars by stupid agents who must reconsider their wrong bets.

He addressed the Yemeni people, saying, “I say to our dear people that the outcomes and consequences of adhering to the truth and steadfastness upon it are the fulfillment of the divine promise, as the Almighty promises.

He affirmed their steadfastness and the resolution on the basis of truth, starting with the support of the Palestinian people and the right to restore Palestine and its holy sites, expelling the Israeli enemy.

Al-Houthi also confirmed their standing with the peoples of Islamic nation at its poles, and in the context of confronting the “aggression” and adhering to his people’s right to freedom and independence on the basis of their faith identity and affiliation to Islam.

al-Houthi said as a Muslim nation, must strive for freedom and independence, and that the right to support the Palestinian people, support their resistance and expel the Zionists.

He also stated that the right to strive for the unity of Muslims, and the wrong is to spread hatred among Muslims and strive to divide them.

The leader of Anssarallah movement stressed that the right is with our dear Yemeni people in confronting the “Saudi aggression”, which has no legitimacy and committed the most heinous crimes.

“It is wrong to stand with the “aggression” against Yemen, justify it, or remain silent about condemning its crimes and siege.” He spoke.

He pointed out that the right is also to strive to strengthen all factors of strength and steadfastness and to protect our internal front from the intrigues of the enemies, and to stand in the face of the enemies in their efforts to humiliate our people and our nation. Our, he added, choice is insignificant from our humiliation, stressing that the truth in our reality is not ambiguous as it was not ambiguous with Imam Hussein peace be upon him.

He also confirmed that the right is considered the fortress to protect the nation from falsehood in all its dangerous extensions and the survival of the nation depends on its adherence to the right.

“The right is to stand in the face of the enemies in their efforts to humiliate our people and our nation”، he added.

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