UAE Reveals Disagreement Motives before French Judiciary over Balhaf

UAE revealed on Sunday the disputes details that halted the operation of Balhaf facility, the most important facility of liquefied gas production in Yemen. This was its first response to Islah party attempt to blackmail her through his authority in Shabwah.

Exclusive-Alkhabar Alyemeni:

UAE-funded media reported that Hadi government filed a lawsuit against Total due to the dispute over the gas amount produced by the company, it explained that Hadi government is asking the company for the amount value pumped from gas fields in Marib, while the company rejects this and insists that the quantity is what is produced after gas is compressed and liquefied, which is a big difference.

The sources indicated that the company alleges a decrease in the quantity of production after arriving at the export port; this prompted both parties to resort to the French judiciary, amid expectations that the case will be resolved in favor of the French company Total.

The sources hinted that the aim was to obstruct the operation of the facility; it is the increase in profits on the loans provided by the French company especially since these loans were expected to be repaid by 2018.

Since the start of the war on Yemen in March of 2015, the station, which cost Yemen $4 billion, has been shut down, it was expected to produce approximately 6.7 million metric tons of LNG annually, which is enough to enrich Yemen, the poor country, but a major manipulation process is taking place through the operating parties of the facility, most notably Total, which owns 39% of the company’s share, followed by a Korean company, and then the Yemeni Gas Corporation.

The UAE’s leak of these data came at a time when Islah authority in Shabwah announced that the governorate’s executive office had voted unanimously on the need for Hadi’s government pressure on UAE to operate the facility, noting that the French side agreed in principle, and this indicates that UAE is trying to clear its name and expose Islah regarding the reasons of disrupting the company.

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