Sana’a Describes Saudi Initiative as Commercial Advertisements

Member of Sana’a negotiating delegation, Abdul-Malik Al-Ajri considered on Tuesday the Saudi initiative is closer to commercial advertisements.

Al-Ajri said on Twitter: “The difference between the Yemeni initiative over Marib and the Saudi initiative is that the Marib initiative reflects practical steps and serious mechanisms, while the Saudi initiative is like commercial advertisements.”

On Monday, the head of the negotiating delegation, Mohammed Abdul Salam, revealed the initiative that Sana’a presented to the Omani delegation.

Abdulsalam Reveals Details of Initiative Presented to Omani Delegation

Abdul Salam considered Marib’s initiative would open an appropriate door for the new UN envoy to launch his mission, in cooperation with the brothers in the Sultanate of Oman, affirming that the humanitarian file must be separated for the military side, in a step paving a way to cease-fire.

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