Al-Huraizi Calls on British Forces to Immediately Leave Mahra

The head of the peaceful sit-in committee in Mahra, Sheikh Ali bin Salem al-Huraizy, called on the British soldiers with other foreign forces to leave immediately from the Yemeni province of Mahra, east of Yemen.

In a statement, al-Huraizy affirmed that the sons and sheikhs of Mahra expressed their complete and categorical rejection of any foreign military presence in the province.

“The sit-in committee of Mahra followed up with great interest the news reports and media outlets speaking about the arrival of a British force consisting of 41 members of the British Special Forces at Al-Ghaydah International Airport in the province, in addition to the Saudi, Emirati, British American occupation forces. On the foreign developments, the leadership, members and supporters of the committee categorically rejected any foreign military presence on the province’s land.”

The statement condemned all the miserable and shameful attempts by the Saudi, Emirati, British, and American occupation to place false accusations and lies on the Mahra sons, with systematic, multi-method actions aimed at controlling over the province.

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