Socotra: Zayed Festival Turned into Angry Protest Against UAE

Residents of Socotra Island on Saturday turned the Zayed Festival organized by the UAE in the Noujd region into demonstrations demanding the expulsion of UAE troops from the archipelago.

At a mass wedding named the Zayed Festival, which was adopted by the Khalifa Foundation and the UAE Red Crescent, the protesters chanted slogans demanding the departure of the UAE forces, including “Go out the UAE”, and other slogans against the Saudi and Emirati presence on the island.

Activists on social media also circulated videos of popular demonstrations in the Noujd area.

“The crisis of confidence between Scotra’s residents and the actions of the UAE has become more clear,” referring to the fact that the festival was organized by the UAE turned against it, journalist Abdullah Badahen wrote on his Facebook page.

Socotra’s sons now know the reality of the UAE projects and their main objective, which they describe as “occupation”.

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