Dozens of al-Qaeda Elements Arrived in Marib

Dozens al-Qaeda fighters, including foreigners wearing Afghani uniforms, on three buses arrived in Marib city east of Yemen, through Al-Wadeah border crossing between Yemen and Saudi Arabia, local sources familiar with matter told Yemen Press Agency on Monday.

The sources affirmed that Saudi-led coalition forces have brought dozens of al-Qaeda members from Saudi Arabia to the city of Marib.

Sheikh Ali bin Hassan bin Gharib, the leader of the Saudi-backed Islah party received” these elements at his house in the areas of “Al Shabwan” in Wadi Ubaidah, east of the city of Marib.

The sources confirmed that the coalition’s reliance on the elements of the so-called “ISIS and al-Qaeda” is not new, as it has relied on them for five years in most battles, which were revealed by international and local reports about the participation of al-Qaeda elements and coalition soldiers in the fight against the forces of Sana’a.

“The coalition’s dependence on these elements is becoming greater today than before. This confirms that these organizations are one of the military wings of Saudi Arabia and the Muslim Brotherhood, who are used by the coalition in its critical battles.”

The sources revealed that there is great resentment among the tribal fighters and others, because of their public discovery that the coalition and the leadership of the Islah Party being behind the terrorist organizations from ISIS and Al-Qaeda.

These developments came after the coalition has been suffered the crushing defeat on the fronts on the outskirts of the city of Marib.

On last May 27, Sheikh Bin Ghraib’s house was previously targeted by US drone strikes, during a meeting that included al-Qaeda emirs with military leaders of the Islah party.

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