Saudi Decision to Expel Yemeni Doctors – Document

A leaked document from Saudi Health ministry revealed the dismissal of all Yemeni contracting doctors in the Kingdom.

Exclusive-Alkhabar Alyemeni:

The document shows a directive from the director general of health of Al-Baha emirate west of Riyadh, on 17/12/1442, to stop all contracts and renew with Yemeni contractors, based on a directive from health Ministry.

A few days ago, a decision to demobilize Yemeni workers in the southern regions of Saudi Arabia leaked within a maximum period of 4 months, and sources reported that the decision implemented in different regions of Saudi Arabia.

It seems that Saudi Arabia is seeking to get rid of Yemeni workers by canceling contracts with them throughout the kingdom.

The Saudi regime was the first to lay off tens of thousands of Yemeni workers in the kingdom, which is engaged in a war in Yemen, which has made the country live the worst humanitarian disaster in the world.

Media sources revealed that the layoffs, which began in the southern Saudi regions, and affected tens of thousands of Yemeni workers, including 106 academics, expanded to include workers in the northern and eastern regions.

The legitimate government is silent about this massacre affecting Yemeni workers; it is the latest Saudi exit from Taif Agreement, which binds Saudi Arabia by embracing Yemeni workers like Saudis, and without any conditions.

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