Angry Protests Expel Hadi’s MPs to al-Mahra

Several Hadi government’s MPs managed on Saturday to escape to the city of al-Ghaydah city of Saudi-led coalition-held Mahra province after breaking out protests against them in Hadramout, Yemen Press Agency reported.

Local sources affirmed that the angry protest, called by the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) in the cities of Seiyun and Mukalla, forced the MPs not to hold their meetings in the cities of Hadramout.

Meanwhile, southern activists demanded on social media called on Mahra’s sons to stage angry demonstrations rejecting the presence of the MPs in the province.

The activists considered that the Saudi forces in the province would not be able to provide protection to the MPs in al-Ghaydah in the face of the movements of the free sons of Mahra.

A number of activists loyal to the STC vowed to thwart the plans and sessions will be held by the “group of parliamentarians loyal to the Hadi’s conspiratorial government against the people of the southern provinces.

Earlier in the day, massive protests took place in the streets of al-Mukalla city on Saturday against the Saudi-backed exiled Hadi government demanding Hadi’s MPs to leave the province.

Hundreds of protesters during protests called on Hadi’s MPs to leave Hadramout, condemning the difficult living situation in the Saudi-led coalition-held provinces.

Local sources indicated that there were news reports of the escape of “Sultan al-Barakani”, the Hadi MPs’head, from Mukalla city to Mahra after the escalation of the protests rejecting the presence of Hadi’s leaders in Seiyun and Mukalla.

The southern journalist, “Wadah bin Attia” said on Twitter, that the head of Hadi’s MPs “Sultan al-Barakani” left Seiyun moving towards the city of Mahra.

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