Air Landing for al-Qaeda Threatens to Repeat “Deir ez-Zur” Scenario in Shabwah

Sources in Hadramout confirmed that a military transport plane belonging to coalition had arrived at Al-Riyan airport, carrying a number of al-Qaeda fighters who had been released by United States, in a move that may in terms of timing, carry a plan to repeat the Syrian Deir ezzur scenario in Yemen’s oil crescent.

Exclusive-Alkhabar alyemeni:

The sources reported that the Emirati plane had dropped a batch, which it described as the first of the organization’s elements, headed by 6 leaders, most notably Khaled Al-Qadasi, Suleiman Al-Nahdi, Abdo Muhammad Al-Muhajiri, Saeed Ahmed Sarim, Muhammad Nasser Khasrouf and Muhammad Ahmad Saeed.

It is not known where these elements were taken, but the timing indicates that US is seeking to transfer them to the neighboring province of Shabwah, where the vanguard of Sana’a forces  arrived in Bayhan district, which includes the most important oil fields belonging to the American Hunt Company, which repeats the scenario of Deir ez-Zur when France and America supported extremist groups there, including ISIS and Al-Qaeda, to control the oil fields as the regime forces approached to liberation.

The United States had agreed one day before the operation to transfer these elements, which were released in 2015 on the condition that they remain in UAE, where the head of the counter-terrorism unit in US Army, Austin Miller, held a meeting with the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Mohammed bin Zayed, whose country has sponsored the transfer of these elements within groups that are expected to be transferred in the coming days to Yemen, as part of what appears to be an agreement with the organization in the Arabian Peninsula, to prevent the fall of Shabwah, which over the past years constituted its most prominent stronghold before it disappeared from view, agreements with the coalition guaranteed him privileges in the legitimate forces and the factions loyal to UAE, in addition to financial privileges and freedom of movement.

US and UAE interests meet in Shabwah, where Washington is trying to defend on oil companies that own the most important oil fields, while UAE is trying, through this step, to tip its hand in the conflict with Saudi Arabia over this oil- and gas-rich province, which it aspires to be the share of its followers in the future.

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