Sana’a Seizes Gang Linked to Coalition Specialized in Forgery and Forming Fake Companies

The security services in Sana’a announced on Saturday, the “most dangerous gang” linked to the Saudi coalition, specializing in forgery of official documents and seals and the formation of bogus companies, in addition communicate for “mercenaries of aggression and aiding the enemy.”

Sana’a-Alkhabar Alyemeni:
According to the security media of Sana’a, the results of the investigation revealed that the gang was communicating with the forces loyal to coalition, and “working for their interest smuggling communications and military equipment and firearms, under the name of bogus companies providing public services, organizations and permits whose documents have been forged, and entering into tenders with international organizations in the names of some companies that were established by the gang with documents, papers, government marks and forged seals. Noting that it also carried out activities and works in the areas under the control of Sana’a “that affect the national security of the country, and harm the national economy.”
The collection of inferences showed that the gang members committed “physical and moral fraud.” Counterfeiting seals and official marks of some official institutions, they are as follows: “civil status and civil registry authority, chamber of commerce in the capital secretariat and Sana’a province, the general authority for regulating land transport affairs, general organization for social insurance, the supreme council for management and coordination of humanitarian affairs and international cooperation, tax authority, the general authority for zakat and the general traffic department, the source stated that Sana’a security services arrested four members of the gang, they are: “Wael Abdul-Jabbar Raweh Noaman – 39 years old, Akram Musleh Saleh Al-Kamim, 34 years old, Mohammed Nasser Ali Al-Harazi, 35 years old, Ibrahim Muhammad Nazmi Khalil, 52 years old, while these elements admitted that they had received “large sums of money, by entering into such tenders with international organizations, the proceeds were used to finance their criminal activities.
The Capital Municipality detectives explained that among the “names of those bogus companies.”(Alarabia Contracting Company – Headway Transport Company – Koma Advertising – Diva Advanced Services for Car Rental – Advance Rent a Car), The roles were distributed to the gang members, it used them to facilitate the smuggling of weapons, military equipment and communications equipment, and mislead the official authorities by using forged tax cards and permits from the transport office, forged commercial records from the chamber of commerce, and forged permits from the supreme council of administration and coordination of humanitarian affairs and international cooperation.
The source stated that the gang defrauded a citizen, where the first and second defendants forged a commercial guarantee in the name of “Al-Hamd Company” and signed it and handing it over to the victim, Hamad Ghaleb Yahya Tayef, and ripped off an amount of 65 thousand Saudi riyals.
The criminal investigation indicated that it was found that there was a link between the gang members and some leaders of the forces affiliated with the Saudi coalition, in coordination with them.
The Capital Investigations noted that investigations and follow-up are underway to catch the rest of the gang members. It explained that its members had for some time planned and organized the implementation of its crimes and plans, in close connection with US-Saudi aggression coalition, stressing that one of its fugitives is a person with records in drug trade, while the minutes showed, “there is a relationship and dealings by one of their fleeing partners with people working for parties linked to the Saudi coalition in the province of Aden, and he tried to obtain information about important figures from the state’s leaders in Sana’a. This is done indirectly by luring a person,” according to the source.

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