Aden: Mothers of Abductees call for Release of Captives in STC’s Prisons

A protest rally was staged on Sunday by Mothers of Abductees’ Association in Aden city to demand the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) forces the release of their sons detained in its prisons.

At the rally, the protesters held the STC’s forces full responsible for the lives of 40 arbitrarily detained sons and 43 forcibly disappeared others in secret prisons in the province.

The Association called on the Red Cross Committee in Aden to visit the prisons, especially Bir Ahmed prison, and work to obtain the detainees on their basic and health needs.

They affirmed that the prisons of the Security Belt of the STC are still living in a tragic situation, lack the minimum health services, and electricity blackouts, in light of a severe heat-wave sweeping the city of Aden, in addition to the spread of skin diseases and the Corona epidemic.

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