SPC Calls for Failure Experiments of UN Envoys to Yemen not to be Repeated

The Supreme Political Council (SPC), the highest ruling body in Sana’a, held a meeting on Tuesday chaired by Mahdi al-Mashat, president of the Supreme Political Council.

 The meeting reviewed the role of the United Nations and assess the performance of UN envoys in Yemen.

Al-Mashat called for the failed tests of international envoys not to be repeated. Stressing the importance of the UN envoy to Yemen playing his role and his primary mission and not becoming a message carrier and siding with the side of Saudi-led coalition under U.S. pressure.

The Supreme Political Council reiterated its welcome to the sincere and constructive efforts to bring peace to Yemen, stop the war on Yemen, and lift the blockade. He noted that the Yemeni people are tired of American conspiracies against them and false calls for peace.

SPC stressed that the continued mobilization and the attempts to escalate the “aggression” on a number of fronts will be doomed to failure and no force will be able to break the will of the Yemenis.

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