American Agency Reveals Reality of Situation in Marib

An American news agency blew up a terrifying surprise about the situation of Hadi’s forces inside Marib city and external communications to stop the fall of the city, after it published a report from inside the last stronghold of “legitimacy” in northern Yemen.

Exclusive-Alkhabar Alyemeni:

Associated Press reported in a report prepared by an American media team in coordination with Hadi government, it reported on the burial of hadi’s forces between 10-15 as a daily average in only one cemetery, according to what it quoted by the cemetery guard.

It also confirmed that “Houthis” gained gradual progress and their success in overcoming the belt of aerial bombardment imposed by Saudi Arabia and the coalition around the city to prevent its fall, noting that the city anticipating Houthis’ control, only taxis and security faction crews are no longer scattered there. While its entrances and streets adorned with pictures of dead soldiers and officers, in reference to the fact that Marib has become a ghost town.

The agency quoted on the governor of Islah in Marib, Sultan al-Arada, as confirming that the oil city had become at a “crossroads.” It is certain that Western countries stopped supplying them with weapons, including United States, which is pressuring on Saudi Arabia to prevent sending more weapons fearing to fall into the hands of other groups, in reference to US fears of Houthi’s control on the city.

It also quoted unnamed high-ranking Saudi official saying that his country is in contact with Houthis to search a “joint” base in Marib province, confirming reports spoke on Saudi efforts to conclude an agreement on the city to avoid a crushing defeat there.

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