Senior Leaders of Al-Qaeda Killed in Al-Baidha

Head of the so-called “Shura Council” of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, along with a number of emirs of the terrorist organization, were killed on Tuesday in a missile attack in Al-Baidha province, central Yemen.

Local sources in Al-Baidha said that a ballistic missile targeted a meeting of senior Al-Qaeda emirs this afternoon in a village in Al-Soma’a district, which resulted in many deaths and injuries among the emirs of the terrorist organization.

The body of the terrorist “Saad Atef”, head of the Al-Qaeda Shura in the Arabian Peninsula, has been identified, they added.

No party, until the moment of writing the news, has claimed responsibility for the missile bombing, which targeted the meeting of the terrorist organization’s leaders in the Soma district.

The sources also confirmed the killing of the most prominent leaders of the terrorist organization, called Khattab Al-Sanani, along with number of leaders of the organization, who arrived earlier from the neighboring provinces as Abyan and Shabwa to support the organization attack on the positions of Sana’a forces within the coalition’s plans for what it describes as “liberating Al-Baidha province” from the “Houthis.”

Al-Soma’a district is the most prominent stronghold of al-Qaeda, from which the recent attacks were prepared on the positions of the Sana’a forces in the Al-Zahir district, which the Sana’a forces managed to control it during the past hours with a large military operation.

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