America Begins Forming Own Factions in Yemen

US department of state revealed on Monday, the start of forming Yemeni factions in United States, in a move indicates that Washington, which started the militarily escalation through its “terrorist” arms in Al-Baidha, trying to pull the rug from Saudi-UAE alliance.

Exclusive-Alkhabar AlYemeni:

The State Department indicated in its report on “Human Trafficking” that US President Joe Biden decided to partially lift the embargo imposed on Yemen for years, noting that this decision would allow the re-support of Yemeni units, to carry out tasks related to what it described as “fighting terrorism and preventing Iranian arms smuggling.”

US department of defense has identified “the border guards, which are already under US administration, and the Coast Guard, along with a special operations unit as future units to implement Washington’s agenda in Yemen.”

It indicated that the support process will take place through the assignment of military personnel for training in US, in a manner that enhances what it described as the rule of law within the “Yemeni forces.”

The US move has several dimensions in terms of timing, the first of which coincides with the rage of an Emirati-Saudi conflict that threatens to dismantle Washington’s alliance in Yemen and intensify battles between their agents in Yemen.

The second is that Washington aims, through the new step, to strengthen its influence in Yemen by recovering the Yemen file from Saudi Arabia and Emirates, which have been claiming to fight terrorism, and the third is to pull the rug out of leaders in legitimacy such as Ali Mohsen.

This step confirms what the department of moral guidance in Sana’a recently revealed by publishing documents that reveal Washington’s efforts to control Yemen’s Ministry of Defense by recruiting agents, leading to the destruction of its defense military system.

In previous reports, the department reviewed the stage of American influence during the past decades, which reached the point of recruiting agents within the Ministry of Defense and other security services, most notably, former National Security Agent Ammar Saleh, that Washington benefited from him in destroying the most important arsenal of weapons for Yemen’s army.

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