Armed Clashes Continued in Taiz, Leaving Six Wounded

The clashes among Islah factions continued on Thursday and resulted in killing and injuring citizens and recruits loyal to the group, local sources said.

At least four soldiers and two children were wounded due to armed confrontations erupted between two military brigades of the Saudi-led coalition north of Taiz city, southwest Yemen, on Wednesday.

The sources confirmed that the confrontations continue with light and heavy weapons in Hawdh al-Ashraf round, al-Ashbat market entrances, al-Kawthar and al-Hadi neighborhoods in the middle of Taiz city.

Local sources reported that clashes broke out between the forces of the so-called “22nd Mecha Brigade” and the “170th Air Defense Brigade”, after the killing of a soldier named Watheeq Al-Absi by soldiers from the 22nd Mecha Brigade in Osayfira area, north of Taiz.

The confrontations, in which the two sides used heavy and medium weapons, resulted in the injury of four soldiers and two children from the neighborhood, the sources added.

According to the source, the clashes between members of the two brigades erupted after a dispute over the “qat” taxes, which representatives of the two brigades loot from the city’s markets by force.

The sources confirmed that these clashes led to burning a home and killing a recruiter, in addition to killing the child Mohammed al-Silwi.

The city of Taiz, which is controlled by Islah Party’s militia loyal to Hadi’s government, has been witnessing an unprecedented insecurity state.

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