Mysterious Explosions Hit Marib City

The Islah forces in Marib imposed on Tuesday, a state of emergency in the city of Marib, after explosions shook the most important military areas in the city and targeted meetings for important leaders amid uncertainty surrounding the fate of many of them.

About three explosions were heard into the city of Marib, local sources said.

The sources affirmed that the unknown explosion hit rocked the “third military region, inside the Saudi-led coalition forces’ camp in the Sahn al-Jin area.”

Tribal sources reported that the Islah troops close the city’s entrances and exits, strengthened their presence in the city, and created new checkpoint in the city center.

Meanwhile, reports indicate that a high-level meeting of the leaders of the Islah party was targeted by a similar attack.

The sources confirmed that ambulances were seen rushing to the targeted region to transport the dead and wounded, and heading towards the city’s hospitals.

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