Islah Forces Form New Military Sites in Taiz

The Islah Party’s forces have created new military sites and fortifications in strategic areas overlooking the western coast of Taiz province, local sources reported on Saturday.

The sources explained that Islah party deployed dozens of its militants on board military vehicles in Bihan Mountain overlooking Al-Turbah city, the capital of Al-Shamaitain District.

The Islah troops took control of the strategic Bihan mountain, after they managed to expel the so-called “special security forces” that have been stationed in the mountain for months, according to the sources.

The past days witnessed a massive spread of Islah militants in the various areas of Al-Hujariya region overlooking Bab Al-Mandab, who controlled over Mocha city, which is under the control of the Emirati-funded “Tariq Afash” forces.

The Islah forces moves in Al-Hujariya come as a continuation of ending the presence of the “35th Brigade” forces, which was established by the UAE, led by Adnan Al Hammadi, who was assassinated in early December 2019.

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