New Saudi War Hazing Thousands of Yemenis on Border

Saudi Arabia took new measures at the border crossings with Yemen, which caused the abuse of thousands of Yemenis, and indicated that Riyadh officially activated the economic war in light of the war failure in its military and diplomatic face.

Exclusive-Alkhabar Alyemeni:

Southern activists launched appeals on social media talking on the suffering of thousands of their children at Al-Wadiah outlet after Saudi Arabia lifted the procedures to the need to obtain two doses of vaccine for those wanting to enter its territory, after it was required one dose.

Activists who circulated horrific pictures for families living in the desert, waiting for easing restrictions, indicated, pointing out that children and families were exposed to illness and fatigue due to the high temperature of the desert in this season of the year, pointing out that hundreds of people returned to Seiyun city for treatment in the city’s hospitals after they had traveled hundreds of miles in order to return to their work in the Kingdom.

The new step by Saudi Arabia, which reopened the nightclubs and discos and resumed air traffic normally, is not the first for Yemenis. Before Eid al-Adha, Saudi Arabia took a decision to prevent the entry of four-wheel drive vehicles, in a move that impeded the exit of thousands of Yemenis who arrived at the border crossing with Yemen. In order to spend Eid al-Fitr vacation with their families in the rugged rural villages, which need big cars to reach it.

Although the tightening of measures by Saudi Arabia takes in one of its dimensions the nature of exploitation to sell Corona vaccines and gain huge sums from passengers to pass them, however, it bears in its entirety dimensions related to the economic war that Saudi Arabia began in 2016 with transferring the Central Bank to Aden, encouraging the corruption mafia of “legitimacy” through printing  trillions of riyals without coverage, which caused to the currency deterioration and reach record-breaking numbers.

The new measures will deprive thousands of people from returning to their jobs, through which they support tens of thousands of their families, this means that poverty is also widening in a country that is under siege, along with the war that targeted all the components of its economic structure.

This indirect employee’s layoff would also deprive the Yemeni economy from hard currency returns through expatriates, and destroying their local currency that Saudi Arabia seeks to exploit during the post-war period, in order to pass an agenda similar to what Lebanon is witnessing.

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