Mayyun: Coalition Offers One Million Saudi Riyals to Every Citizen Leaves the Island

The coalition intensified its movements on Saturday on Mayyun Island, located at the entrances of the second most important sea strait around the world, as part of its arrangements to militarize the island before the completion of any peace agreement in Yemen that ends the foreign presence on its lands.

Exclusive- Alkhabar Alyemeni:

Local sources and activists on social media revealed that the coalition offered tempting financial offers to the island’s residents in exchange for its evacuation, they explained that the sums amounted to one million Saudi riyals for each one will leave the island permanently.

Sources indicated that the Island people rejected the offer because this is their eternal headquarters, this raised fears that coalition might bring foreign mercenaries to torture the indigenous people, similar to Socotra Island, whose people refused to move to cities prepared by UAE in the desert of Shihr in Hadhramaut, which prompted the coalition to settle foreign mercenaries.

In the context, local sources revealed on the arrival of a team from foreign experts to the island on a speed boats to put the final touches to the opening of the Emirati base on the island.

The sources indicated that the team did not meet the forces of the “Republic Guards” led by Tariq Saleh, who is currently visiting Moscow, in reference to the American resentment against Tariq Saleh for his movement aimed at giving the Russians a foothold in this region.

These moves come on the eve of international pressure to conclude a peace agreement in Yemen, this indicates to the presence of regional and international parties trying to obstruct the peace process by arranging a military presence, which Sana’a rejects and the Supreme Political Council put the condition to the departure of foreign forces on top of its demands.

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